Order Booking

Order Booking Management System

Order Management is the module to easily manage the lead to Order and order to Sales process through the mobile application in online and offline mode. Assign Focus Products to Field Operatives according to Market Intelligence. Manage Focus Products and highlight them on a click and Easy Return of Damaged/Expired goods. Enables the Field Operative to provide customer a hassle free experience.

Some key features of our Order Booking:

  • Complete Product List with Prices fetched directly from the Server. Easy Search options, Stock Status and Smart Product Suggestions.
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  • Push Schemes and Discounts to the Entire Organization with ease. Easy Management of Terms & conditions and Smart Order based Discounts.

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Order Booking Management

Order Suggestion

Best Order suggestion algorithm in the market for the particular retailer to sale the product smartly.

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Schemes & Discount

All types of promotional Schemes, Distributor’s Discount, company Discount during the order booking.

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Graphical presentation of Deep-down target achievement analytics on the basic of historical data availability.

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Stock Return

Mechanism to track the stocks which is returned from any outlet and replacement done for the same.

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