Mobile App Design

Mobile Apps are the trendsetter

Mobile app design and development solutions provided by the Aonestar are of the most promising solutions that can boost your business up to manifolds. With everything going app-frenzy it’s the order of the day to have an app for your business irrespective of its size, place or domain. Our custom made mobile app development solutions ensures you to allure the customer base to your business with its enticing mobile app designs. UI/UX designed with a customer centric approach compel the users to interact with your business app and the more they interact the more chances you get to please them with your services or productsin Hammersmith London UK.

Some key features of our mobile app designs are:

  • The designs are user centric i.e. they are designed with an approach to facilitate the ease of navigation.
  • The better you look the better chances you have, thus having premium designs.
  • Multiple device compatibility i.e. the designs look equally ravishing no matter what gadget suits to your personality.

Modern day approach to the customer centric UI/UX designs are the most important aspect of designing the applications. Trends are volatile and keep changing with time, so in order to keep the pace we always keep our designing team updated with the latest trends such material designing etcin Hammersmith London UK.

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Our App Design Process

Our comprehensive App design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.


This is the first phase of our designing process where we explore more about the business in terms of its aesthetic motivation and business modus operandi. Here we also try to find out the methods used by the competitive market to attract the customers and how we can fill the gap using our attractive and playful designing skills.

seo process


Once our designing experts understand the requirement of your business and your idea behind propagating the same, they begin to sketch out the designs as the raw prints in order to proceed. Putting much efforts on sketching the outline of the mobile app designs our specialists send you the first sketching draft to you for your approval and suggestions. Finalization of the sketches from the client makes it hit the ground of digitization.

design process


After getting the sketches approved from the client with suggestive changes, the design is ready to be digitized soon. Our experts brainstorm over the idea again and again about the potential of the design in regard to the business orientation, while our designing team begin to materialize the idea on screen. Once digitized successfully it’s sent to the client again post the approval by the apex team of designing and development.

seo process


Coloring the app is followed by the successful digitization of the app idea where the colors are filled and applied to the app as per the vision and domain of the application. Choosing the color palette is difficult task as each color signifies something different and has its aesthetic significance. Hence the choices of the colors is consulted with the client and taken as per the motivation behind the business.

seo process